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Financing & Leasing

Antrim Western Star offers financing and leasing to our customers on virtually every piece of equipment sold.

We work closely with banks and financial institutions to offer competitive rates on new trucks from 24 to 72 month terms. Used equipment can also be financed or leased with the term being dependant on your credit history and the age of the equipment.

Financing and leasing duration is dependant on your financial strength and financing history. The Banks and Financial institutions we deal with are rapid in their credit application processing and work with a minimium amount of paperwork.

Your choices may be:

  • Low down payment financing
  • Residual leasing
  • Walk-Away leasing
  • 24 to 72 month financing
  • 24 to 72 month leasing
  • Skip payments
  • Early buyout leases

No matter what your options are Antrim Truck Centre can work with you and our financial suppliers to tailor a plan that suits your cash flow.

PHONE: 613 623-3003
FAX: 613 623-1003