Convenience Store

Exclusively supplied by DAS

  • Sirius Radios, CB's, radios, GPS, backup and dash cameras, video cameras, scanners & speakers
  • Aerials, antennas, brackets and cables
  • Telephone/cell chargers and accessories-hands free devices
  • LED lights, lenses, switches, fuses, wiring supplies
  • Air system accessories, air horns, compressors
  • Log books, regulation books, paperwork supplies, pens & notebooks and a large map selection
  • OLG Lotto
  • Chrome and stainless accessories, mirrors and parts
  • Steering wheel covers, seat accessories, can fresheners, coffee mugs, tumblers, can coolers, vacuum bottles
  • Cargo control items, straps, bars and chains
  • Signage, flags, safety supplies
  • Tire thumpers, pressure gauges
  • Lubricants, additives, truck maintenance, ArmorAll, soaps, brushes, polishes, ad buffing compounds
  • Tools, flashlights, specialized and standard batteries

OUR WELL STOCKED CONVENIENCE STORE (drinks Including both Coke and Pepsi products, snacks and sweets, tobacco products, newspapers, maps etc.) IS AUGMENTED BY 2 GIFTSHOPS.

Elizabeth Bovin- Manager


AT ANTRIM - "best cuisine on the 417!"

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